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Artistes contre la terreur

From 19th November to 11th December 2016

Gruérien Museum
Rue de la Condémine 25
1630 Bulle

The day after the attacks in Paris on November 13th 2015, Massimo Baroncelli expresses his deep emotion by means of his drawings and paintings. He invites artists to join him in order to stand up together against violence and terror. The Gruérien Museum exhibits in the welcome area fourteen works all stemming from this concern.

Preview «Les Schnetzes»

19th November 2015

5 pm at ‘Café du Commerce’ (Pérolles) Fribourg.

The publisher ‘Faim de Siècle’ publishes a children’s book with texts and illustrations by Marie Vieli.


Die Welt retten / ex voto

From 30th October to 15th November 2015

Projektraum M54
Mörsbergerstrasse 54
CH-4057 Basel

Marie Vieli – recent work

From 29th August to 27th September 2015

Château Art Gallery
1580 Avenches

The artist presents her recent works including paintings and stained glass windows

Illustration: Without title, acrylic on paper, 24 x 30 cm


From 6th June to 4th October 2015

Museum Murten
Ryf 4
3280 Murten / Morat
Tel. 026 670 31 00

Opening hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 2pm – 5pm
Sundays: 10am – 5pm

The exhibition proposes a reflection on the three borders that have marked our regional history until today. The themes of religious and linguistic boundaries –the cultural dimension- as well as the territorial boundaries –the political dimension- will be evoked by means of historical objects, documents from archives and interviews. To accompany and extend the reflection, the Morat Museum will host the works of 20 artists, members of Visarte Fribourg.

Vis-à-vis – Visarte

From 10th January to 31st May 2015

Visarte-Fribroug is given carte blanche

Wall Paper Museum
Rte de l’Eglise 12
1684 Mézières
+41 26 652 06 90

Opening hours:
Winter time: (November 1st to March 31st) Saturdays & Sundays: 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm.
Summer time: (April 1st to October 31st) Thursdays to Sundays: 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm.


Sunday April 19th 2015: special activity for children
“Quand les poupées dansent…”
with the artist Marie Vieli
By appointment only.

Art and design

From 28th June to 4th October 2014

Forme + Confort SA
Rue de la Cathédrale-St-Nicolas 5
1700 Fribourg

Monday closed
Tuesday – Friday: 9 am – 12 am / 1.30 pm – 6.30 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 4 pm

Marie Vieli presents ‘patois sayings’ and other works in an exhibition which interacts with objects and design furniture.

Illustration: It takes seven shrewd people to resell what a madman buys (patois saying).

1, 1, 2, 3… nous irons au bois – Epopée scientifique et artistique dans la naissance des formes

From 15th February to 15th November 2014

UNIFR, Pérolles

PER 21 – Groundfloor –  Main entrance
From 9 am to 8 pm

Within the 125th anniversary of the University of Fribourg, Marie Vieli, visual artist, and Christian Mazza, mathematician, present the results of their collaboration.

The exhibition illustrates how equations allow us to understand the emergence of shapes in Nature such as stripes on animals.
In artistic creations, do shapes follow the laws of fate or are they the result of some universal laws?
What is the evolutional architecture of a painting?

From ‘Bourg to Burg’ on tour

From 17th January to 22nd February 2014

Presbyterian College
Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery
Harper Center For The Arts
503 S.Broad Street
Clinton,Sc 29325 USA

A travelling exhibition of works of art by 9 contemporary artists from the city of Fribourg in Switzerland:
André Sugnaux – Francesco Ragusa – Magdolna Rubin – Catherine Liechti – Hafis Bertschinger – Marie Vieli – Cornélia Patthey – Karin Kurzmeyer – Olivier Zappelli

From ‘Bourg to Burg’

From 22nd October to 21st December 2013

Spartanburg Art Museum
200 E. St. John Street Spartanburg, SC 29306, USA

From Bourg to Burg (Fribourg to Spartanburg) is an international exhibition opening on October 22 featuring contemporary works by nine artists living and working in Fribourg, Switzerland. This collection of over 40 works of art includes photography, painting and two-dimensional mixed-media works.
Six of the nine artists are coming to Spartanburg during the month of November to meet and engage the Spartanburg community with receptions, informal gallery talks and workshops at SAM and the university of South Carolina Upstate.

Artist Presentation with Marie Vieli
Wednesday 11.06 1-2pm
Spartanburg Art Museum Gallery

Bleu comme …

From 6th June to 5th July 2013

APCd Gallery
Rue Pierre-Aeby 37
1700 Fribourg
tél.: +41 26 321 28 66

The artist presents 22 messages from adolescents collected in a shopping centre. The messages are placed in blown glass balls filling a paper bag and entitled “Like a bottle in the sea”.
To avoid opening the glass balls, the messages can be read on the wall.


Le paysage dans tous ses états – Visarte-Fribourg

From 16th September to 11th November 2012

Charmey Museum

At the origin of SPSAS (forerunner of Visarte) landscapes played a major role in the production of Fribourgeois artists. From the very start (around 1935) it was absolutely unthinkable not to exhibit oil, gouache or watercolour landscapes. Today’s local artists treat this theme, which is often considered heretical, in all sorts of ways and styles.

Exhibition: Atelier de vitrail Pascal Moret

From 14th to 23rd September 2012

Route d’Estavayer 22
1482 Cugy

Saturday and sunday: 10 am – 8 pm
During the week: 4 pm – 8 pm

André Sugnaux (painting), Pascal Moret (stained glass window) and five artists invited to realise a stained glass window with the collaboration of Pascal Moret’s studio.
Camille von Deschwanden, Marie Vieli, Jeff Gianadda, Augustin Pasquier, Nicolas Ruffieux.

Illustration: Stained-glass window, antique blown glass, acid engraved, enamel, 151 x 45,5 cm (detail)

Mise à sac

From 19th April to 9th May 2012

La villa Dutoit
chemin Gilbert-trolliet 5
1209 Petit-Saconnex

tel. 022 733 05 75

200 artists, members of visarte-Switzerland and of the act-art Federation, received a paper bag with a window to turn it into something more than a simple bag. The work is the bag, the bag is the work, implementing the work, updating the work, ransacking the work…

La sagesse du patois

From 20th November 2011 to 29th January 2012

Charmey Museum
1637 Charmey

After reading a book entitled “The Wisdom of the ‘Romand’, Patois sayings of French speaking Switzerland”, Marie Vieli was fascinated and imagined an ambitious project: the creation of 60 paintings inspired by 60 sayings.

L’une et l’autre – L’une ou l’autre

From 23rd October to 27th November 2011

Le Manoir de la ville de Martigny
Place du Manoir 1
1920 Martigny

One and the other, one or the other! Nothing else to add. Two phrases in one sentence, two artists in one space containing the multiplicity of each. Marie Vieli and Josette Taramarcaz, each filtering into the personality of the other but without giving up their respective identity.

Marie Vieli – Painting

From 16th April to 15th May 2011

Château Art Gallery
1580 Avenches

tel. 026 675 33 03

The artist presents a selection of watercolours, pastels and acrylic works on canvas or paper.

Illustration: Les fleurs du mal (Baudelaire), acrylic on paper, 30 x 24cm

Open day and DVD showing

19th September 2010

Marie Vieli’s studio
1700 Fribourg

A DVD film of about 20 minutes, starring Marie Vieli. Film director: Marcel Muller
For further information:

Grandvill’arts 2010 – L’arbre

From 19th June to 5th September 2010


In Grandvillard, within the celebration of 150th anniversary of the village choir, 20 artists realised a painting (40 x 40 cm) on the specific theme: the tree.
The works were enlarged on a canvas (each 300 x 300 cm) and exhibited on the facades of some houses in Grandvillard. The original works were exhibited in the Town Hall.

Illustration: Les 4 saisons de l’arbre, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

Painting Exhibition – Iseut Bersier and Marie Vieli

From 29th May to 4th July 2010

Centre Pro Natura-Champ-Pittet

2 artists from Fribourg unite to play with the contrasts of colours and light. Marie Vieli uses colours in an abstract way by means of very spontaneous gestures coupled with great assessing and constructive rigour. Influenced by the mosaic architecture of the Middle East, Iseut Bersier does not copy the beauty of Nature but tries to reveal the poetry in Nature. Two dreams to share in!

Illustration: Without title, pastel and colouring pencils on paper, 18,1 x 25,4 cm

34 artistes fribourgeois

From 7th to 23rd May 2010

Ancienne Gainerie Moderne
Rue François d’Alt 1

The Fribourg section of Visarte organises an exhibition in May 2010 on the former exceptional site “Gainerie Moderne” in Fribourg. The vast rooms of this ancient factory will house an exhibition entitled “large size”. 34 artists will exhibit a large size work.
This event, to which you are invited, represents a significant renewal for Visarte-Fribourg.

Artistes fribourgeois contemporains

From 5th June to 16th August 2009

Art and History Museum, Fribourg
Rue de Morat 12
1700 Fribourg

Acquisition fund of the State of Fribourg 1984 – 2009

Debate about “What financial support for the artistic creation in Fribourg?” Wednesday June 17th 2009, 6.30pm. Debate leader Jacques Sterchi, participants: Gérald Berger, Hugo Brülhart, Walter Tschopp and Marie Vieli.

Honneur aux dames

From 1st to 31st May 2009

Nane Cailler Gallery
Avenue des Deux-Ponts 10
CH-1009 Pully

021 728 23 01

Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm and by appointment

Two exhibitions in 2009
N° 1 in May
N° 2 in November

Finishing aperitif on Saturday May 30th and November 28th, 5pm.

Pour tout l’or des mots

From 14th January to 11th March 2009

Kaléidoscope Gallery
Bd de Pérolles 25
1700 Fribourg

The value of words, the richness of words, the beauty of words, the power of words, the art of words: an interactive and uncommon exhibition.

Illustration: Memo-liste I, acrylic on canvas. 20 x 20 cm


From 15th June to 31st August 2008

Museum of Art and History
Esplanade Léopold Robert 1
2000 Neuchâtel

For the assembly of the delegates of Visarte Suisse in Neuchâtel, Visarte Neuchâtel invited the artists, members of the association, to send a photograph by e-mail on the theme “the border”. Catalogue available.

Session d’été

From 3rd June to 4th September 2008

Marie Vieli’s works in the Federal Palace (Parliament Building)

During the summer session and until the beginning of September, the members of parliament may appreciate Marie Vieli’s paintings in the media centre of the Federal Palace. The exhibition entitled “Art meets politics” is a first. The preview takes place today in the presence of Gérald Berger head of the cultural department of Fribourg and the Fribourgeois MPs. The latter will invite their colleagues of other cantons to join them and discover the work of Marie Vieli.

The paintings on canvas and paper reveal the artist’s great sensitivity. In her works the organisation of space is the fruit of great coherence and rigour. An abstract universe based on energy and meditation. – MDL La liberté 03.06.2008

Illustration : Without title, acrylic on paper, 24 x 30 cm


From 1st March to 12th April 2008

Atelier Fribourg-Nord
Varis 14
1700 Fribourg

The Fribourg-Nord studio presents an exhibition rallying artists from Switzerland, Germany and Poland. The qualities of the exhibited works, with their antagonism, contrasts and similarities, share one aspect: an intensive, uncompromising commitment serving the works.

Les quatre jours – Cadeaux à offrir, cadeaux à s’offrir

From 22nd to 25th November 2007

Nane Cailler Gallery
Avenue des Deux-Ponts 10
Case postale 104
CH-1009 Pully

021 728 23 01

Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 3pm to 9pm. Sunday from 11am to 5pm and by appointment until mid-December.

ArtPosition 07

From 10th to 12th August 2007

Payerne, Military Airfield
halle u70

Special guests : Au Paon Gallery, Avenches with the artists Bruno Baeriswyl, Sabine Hofkunst, Marie Vieli and Patrick Savary

Marie Vieli – De Barcelone et d’ailleurs

From 22nd to 25th March 2007

Nane Cailler Gallery
Avenue des Deux-Ponts 10
1009 Pully
021 728 23 01

Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Nuremberg, Sant’Abbondio (TI), different places where the artist spent some time creating the works which are exhibited here.

Marie Vieli – Peintures et papiers

From 17th March to 16th May 2005

Art and History Museum, Fribourg
Rue de Morat 12
1700 Fribourg

Tuesday – Sunday : 11 am – 6 pm
Thursday : 11 am – 20 pm

The artist presents large size paintings on canvas with bright colours and stormy, turbulent shapes which stand in contrast to a series of intimate drawings / collages the latter being created in Barcelona in 2002 when the 150th anniversary of Gaudi’s birth was being celebrated.

Illustration : Without title, acrylic on canvas, 145 x 115 cm



  • >>>
    Studies and stays abroad
    • 1961
      Born in Fribourg (Switzerland)
    • 1981
      Holy Cross Highschool, Latin-Greek Baccalaureat diploma
    • 1982
      Language school Cambridge UK First Certificate and Proficiency diplomas
    • 1983
      Cantonal Art School, Lausanne
    • 1985-1990
      National French Central Fine Arts College, Paris, graduate diploma in plastic arts
    • 1989
      Training at the childrens’workshop of the Georges Pompidou Art Center, Paris
    • 1990
      Scholarship for the Fine Arts Faculty in Cairo, Egypt, and the Academy of Plastic Arts in Nuremberg, Germany (Engraving Department)
    • 1991
      University of Paris, masters degree in plastic arts
    • 1995
      Scholarship to study in Berlin, Germany (plan for Pergamon’s altar)
  • >>>
    Prizes won in competitions
    • 1995
      2nd prize in a contest for designing part of the cemetery in Villars-sur-Glâne
    • 1996
      Progress Prize from the Union Bank of Switzerland Jubilee Foundation, Zurich
    • 1999
      Winner of a contest sponsored by the Forberg Foundation (to work in the Bick Workshop in the Tessin Region, Switzerland)
    • 2002
      Winner of a contest sponsored by the cantons of the French part of Switzerland to work in Barcelona
  • >>>
    Artistic activities in conjunction with architecture
    • 1997
      Decorating the music therapy room at the Métairie Clinic, Nyon
    • 2000
      Makeover of the weekday chapel St. Paul’s Church, Fribourg
    • 2000
      Fresco (10 m x 3,14 m) for the annual exhibition of Pro Natura, Champ-Pittet
    • 2002
      Generall concept for the renovation of the university prekindergarten, Fribourg
    • 2003
      Lecture at the Museum of Art and History Fribourg on Antonio Gaudí: “Architecture Based on Life”
    • 2004-2006
      Series of lectures on Antonio Gaudí : “Architecture Based on Life” for Connaissances 3, Clarens, Neuchâtel, Fleurier, Porrentruy, Bienne
    • 2007
      Order and implementation of a triptych for the stairwell of a private house, Fribourg
  • >>>
    Individual Exhibitions (Extracts)
    • 1992
      Vecteur Gallery, Chambésy, Geneva
    • 1994
      Regional Library, Marly
    • 1995
      Migros School Club, Fribourg
    • 1997
      La Caserne Gallery, Paris
    • 1997
      Au Paon Gallery, Avenches
    • 1998
      Telegraph Gallery, Fribourg
    • 2000
      Au Paon Gallery, Avenches
    • 2001
      Gulliver Gallery, Fribourg
    • 2002
      Forum of Meyrin, Geneva
    • 2005
      Museum of Art and History Fribourg, with a catalog
    • 2007
      Nane Cailler Gallery, Pully (Lausanne), "De Barcelone et d’ailleurs"
    • 2008
      SRG SSR idée suisse media services, Bern, "Session d’été"
    • 2010
      Pro Natura Center, Champ-Pittet, with the painter Iseut Bersier
    • 2011
      Château Art Gallery, Avenches
    • 2011
      Le Manoir, Martigny, "L'une et l'autre, l'une ou l'autre" with J. Taramarcaz, with catalog
    • 2011
      Charmey Museum "La sagesse du patois"
    • 2013
      APCd Gallery Fribourg, "Bleu comme..."
    • 2014
      UNI FR, Jubilé 125, "1, 1, 2, 3...nous irons au bois", with Christian Mazza, mathematician
    • 2014
      Espace forme+confort, Fribourg, "Art et Design"
    • 2015
      Château Art Gallery, Avenches, « œuvres récentes »
  • >>>
    Multiartist Exhibitions
    • 1986
      Beaux-Arts Gallery, Paris
    • 1990
      Beaux-Arts Gallery, Paris, "Couleurs et formes"
    • 1991
      Gallery of the Cathedral, Fribourg
    • 1992
      Museum of Art and History Fribourg, "La SPSAS invite", with catalog
    • 1993
      Swiss Cultural Center, Paris, "Pied-à-terre 1"
    • 1993
      OM Gallery, Fribourg
    • 1994
      Museum of Art and History Fribourg, "Silence et révolte", with catalog
    • 1994
      Emhotep Gallery, Paris
    • 1994
      University of Fribourg, "Galerie Européenne", with catalog
    • 1995
      Mailletz Gallery, Paris, "Trois peintres suisses"
    • 1995
      UNESCO House, Paris, "Prix Unesco pour la Promotion des Arts 1995", with a catalog by Pierre Restany
    • 1996
      Criblet 14 Gallery, Fribourg
    • 1996
      Museum of Art and History Fribourg, "Triptyque"
    • 1997
      Visual Art Center, Lausanne, "La Poya"
    • 1997
      Arcade Gallery, Geneva, "Correspondances"
    • 1997
      Victoria Jungfrau Hotel, Interlaken, "Young Artists Gallery"
    • 1998
      Nelly l’Eplattenier Gallery, Lausanne
    • 1999
      Museum of Art and History Fribourg, "Art fribourgeois 1899-1999", with catalog
    • 2002
      Au Paon Gallery, Avenches
    • 2003
      "Art et Sport" Olympic Contest, Bern
    • 2004
      Hofstetter Gallery, Fribourg, "Visarte"
    • 2006
      "Quand l’énergie artistique relie Fribourg à Neuchâtel", Art Collection of the E Group, Fribourg
    • 2007
      ArtPosition 07, Payerne
    • 2007
      Nane Cailler Gallery, Pully (Lausanne), "Cadeaux à offrir, cadeaux à s’offrir"
    • 2008
      Atelier Fribourg-Nord, Fribourg, "Rencontres/Begegnungen"
    • 2008
      Museum of Art and History Neuchâtel, "Frontières", with catalog
    • 2009
      Kaléidoscope, Fribourg, "Pour tout l'or des mots"
    • 2009
      Nane Cailler Gallery, Pully (Lausanne), "Honneur aux dames"
    • 2009
      Museum of Art and History Fribourg, "Artistes fribourgois contemporains", with DVD
    • 2010
      Ancienne Gainerie Moderne, Fribourg, "Salon Visarte", with catalog
    • 2010
      Grandvillard, "Grandvill'art, l'arbre", with catalog
    • 2012
      Villa Dutoit, Geneva, "Mise à sac", with catalog
    • 2012
      Atelier Pascal Moret, Cugy (stained glass window)
    • 2012
      Charmey Museum, "Le paysage dans tous ses états", with catalog
    • 2013
      Spartanburg Art Museum, USA, "From Bourg to Burg"
    • 2014
      Harper Center for the Arts, Clinton, USA, Nine Swiss Artists "From Bourg to Burg"
    • 2015
      Wall Paper Museum, Mézières, "Vis-à-vis / Visarte"
    • 2015
      Murten Museum, "Frontières", with catalog
    • 2015
      Projektraum M54, Basel, "Die Welt retten / ex voto today", with DVD
    • 2016
      Gruérien Museum, Bulle, "Artistes contre la terreur"



For Marie Vieli painting is a language full of colours, movement and transparency. As you watch her work, you discover her fiery temperament and her intense creative concentration. Vast colourful gestures fill the surface of the canvas or paper. Gradually the work develops through the emergence of shapes followed by their partial disappearance beneath the glaze. The brisk and nimble brush strokes the canvas and gives birth to a fine network of lines.

“La collection de la Banque Cantonale de Fribourg”, C. Schuster Cordone, C. Guisolan-Dreyer, F. Python, Editions Favre, Lausanne, 2017

CATERINA Y. PIERRE, PHD in Art History, New York

Some years ago, I visited Vieli’s studio in Fribourg, where her luminous works had a profound effect on me. I remember with fondness the vigorous marks and lyrical drips that covered her canvases and works on delicate papers. The warm, bright reds influenced by her “Projet Gaudi”, as well as the crisp yellows of a summer day from her “Lettres de Berlin”, are particularly etched in my memory. A distinct sense of freedom, or possibly abandon, can be perceived in her works, particularly those created in response to her travels across Europe.
Viewers of Vieli’s works will be captivated, as I have been, by her use of lush colors and the sense of animated movement sensed in her expressive mark making.

Catalog of the exhibition “L’une et l’autre, l’une ou l’autre”, Manoir de la Ville de Martigny, 2011

LAURENT DELALOYE, Chief Editor of “Guide TV Loisirs” magazine

Long live colours and vitality! Marie Vieli’s exhibition gives you the feeling and the envy that you are breathing pure joy. Her watercolours, dry pastels and acrylic on canvas or paper are lyrical and sparkling outbursts. Abstraction knows no bounds. Actually you feel like wallowing in Marie’s colours and pigmented fields. The invitation card shows a work entitled “The Flowers of Evil”: honestly, I cannot see where this shifty Evil hides! It is rather a call to enjoy life …

Guide TV Loisirs, 30 avril 2011, “Marie, Vieli Peinture”, Château Art Gallery, Avenches

CAROLINE SCHUSTER CORDONE, Assistant Director of the Museum of Art and History, Fribourg

The signs Marie Vieli both uses and hides in her paintings appear as figurative traces in abstract pictures. They remind us of another reality and evoke, without clearly expressing it, organic life.
Besides the expression of another reality, the representation of light appears to be the second main theme in Marie Vieli’s art. This light dwells not only in the artist’s works but also in the way she considers Nature and her close environment.
Roland Barthes once described Cy Twombly’s drawings as “time quakes” an allusion to the uncertainty and fragility of life. Likewise, Marie Vieli’s mysterious style of drawing and painting echoes in us and reminds us that everything is in movement, that nothing is fixed, neither shapes, nor colours. Marie Vieli’s “time quakes” are symbols of life involving mishaps and contrasts but above all involving the energy and solar dazzling speed which surround us tonight.

Preview speech, April 16th 2011, “Marie Vieli, Peinture”, Château Art Gallery, Avenches

PIERRE VOELIN, Writer and Poet

After an effortful day, the painter turns into a diarist. He will restrict himself to trapping signs of life –of an intimate life- bringing back scraps of the most humble and daily activities: leaning over the ground, observing, collecting; then comparing, weighing up, working out and, eventually, tearing, cutting out, pasting, sewing or embroidering, in short, inventing by means of cunning contrivances and diversions a minimal process made of signs both frenzied and controlled at the same time.

“Papiers Barcelone”, catalog of the exhibition “Marie Vieli, peintures et papiers”, Art and History Museum Fribourg, 2005



Marie Vieli


Feel like visiting my studio ? Do you have a project ? Do you wish to buy a work or simply ask a question? Just get into touch.

Marie Vieli
Rue Hans-Geiler 2
1700 Fribourg
Phone: +41 (0) 26 322 65 29